Ecology WTC-911 

In this portfolio the photographic paintings are from 5" x 7" to 40" x 65" 

Some Ecology Poetry 

Ecology-The Human Element

The only animal that creates his world around death.

The only animal that has the power to destroy earth.

Man is only a component,

Yet he acts god-like.

He doesn’t feel. Wrapped up in one perspective.

He can build concrete structures.

Change water directions,

Control air temperature.

Use fire to live in cold weather.

Water, air, fire.

Elements of life.

Working in a gentle balance,

A precarious one.

It should not be,

Human Greed.

Take, take, and take.

For superficial comforts

That last a short time.

It takes a long time to replenish the earth.

Do we have time?

We don’t think about it.

Leave it to the next generation.

Shove it under the rug.

Take a shower for an hour.

Use Freon for climate control,

Loosing the ozone,


Tear down the trees for buildings and roads that are not used.

Reckless barges with oil.

The human element.

Cannot be separated from the other elements

Or he will die.

Man, only an ingredient in the polluted soup.

The only animal that creates his world around death.

 Radioactive Waste

Four million variations of life,

Four million ways of staying alive.

Is this enough variation?

Five thousand species of sponge

To soak up all of the radioactive waste?

But no one can live by radiation.

Uranium is part of the earth.

So it should be okay?

Combined with heat and steam,

It becomes extreme.

And must be contained.

Man is to blame.

Chornobyl-perhaps one man who fell asleep.

This accident they say is once in ten thousand years.

We. for only three hundred years

The Ukrainian land is contaminated.

Every year, more people and less land.

Non-polluted land.

All the laws working fast enough to ban

Nuclear use?

The nuclear power-a “non-pollutant” when contained,

Continued to be needed

With population growth.

Radioactive waste,

Shove it under the rug in haste.

Talk about it tomorrow.

Who cares about the waste?

Another explosion, meltdown

Will curb overpopulation.

With mutant births and cancer

It is inevitable.

Nowhere left to dump it,

Nowhere to sell it.

This world is a sphere.

The waste cannot disappear.

The growth of radioactive waste

Controls overpopulation,

We know it

And we keep its growth.

Out of control?

Back to coal?

Developing countries source.


 Web of Life

Mankind at the top of the pyramid.

Algae, paramecium, insect, larvae,

Crayfish larvae, minnows, basses, man.

Following the flow of life.

Creating a rhythm, a pattern.

Man at the top of the chain

He is to blame.

Wanting all this fame;

Saving the earth?

It need not be saved

If it weren’t for mankind.

He should be eaten on the chain.

Consumed as he consumes’

The pollution would be gone.

Perhaps a better variation of Homo sapiens created

One that gives instead of takes.

We create all these fakes;

CFC’s and radioactive wastes.

In such haste

No place to stash

This trash

Man causes strife;

He doesn’t not fit in the web of life.


Air, land, sea;

Where can pollution breed?

Only through man.

Mankind contributes nothing to the web of life.

He only consumes and pollutes.

Constantly wanting comfort and a better lifestyle,

At any price.

Human greed;

Power play between nations.

Nuclear weapons-never meant to be used.

Someday, if they are

We will control overpopulation.

Other species procreate the best of the species.

Uneducated humans procreate the most.

Educated ones want zero population growth.

Overflowing land fills.

Nuclear waste buried on the floors of the ocean.

Greenhouse effect in motion.

Air, land, and sea.

Someday the earth is always changing, anyway.

In constant flux.

The earth will always rejuvenate herself;

With or without man’s muck.

Probably without, man is not in harmony with her.

People drinking Evian water,

Then litter the street with the bottle.

Don’t want to pollute themselves,

Yet they pollute the environment.

Writing graffiti on walls like cave people.

How far has mankind progressed?

High technology

Developed without knowing its consequences.

Not concerned with the earth.

Always a creature comfort search.

Are we even a creature?

Forget it, what’s the next movie feature?

 Global Warming

Earth’s environment has always been different.

At the beginning,

Always unpredictable-full of gases.

Volcanoes and masses.

Ammonia, nutrate, hydrogen and steam

Ultra violet, lethal to man;

Oxygen rusts objects, ruins food.

Our life source,

Homo erectus.

Created from genetic change.

Charles Darwin n 1832.

Species are not fixed forever.

The rainforest absorbs the CO2 from our cars.

The rainforest has the most varied species in the world.

Everywhere you look, there’s life in the rainforest.

 Working in a balance that

Mankind is destroying.

Is man like the gases that created the earth?

Will there be another nuclear explosion to change life suddenly?

Or will change happen gradually with global warming?

Man adaptable?

Back to cooking by fire and living in caves?

And Most of us in our graves?

Genetic Engineering

The earth is constantly changing

No more dinosaurs

In our lifetime.

Unless sudden global warming.

It is possible

We think we know so much.

We are a part of the interaction.

Plants, men and animals

Hopefully a pretty symphony;

Not a counter action.

Genetic engineering.

Cow genes in a pea pod?

A catastrophe.

Man is not God.

Only God can change evolution in harmony.

Man does not know where he treads.

Or where he heads.

Nuclear power was safe.

Now a monster

Now out of place.

It should be a dinosaur.

Genetic engineering.

Out of the ecology symphony

And rhythm of life and breath.

It will be out of control

A cause our death.

Genetic engineering,

For human greed.

Will not succeed.

It will make us bleed.