Arnold Newman Loren Ellis Cornell Capa at National Arts Club Photo Admin. club luncheon cerca 1995

Artist statement,some poetry

Each composition is a ‘visual symphony.’

Seeing life through a tiny portal called a viewfinder, reminds me of looking through a keyhole, or peeking through the crack of an open door. When I capture a latent image in the camera, I feel invisible- like a magical spirit, preserving beautiful, social, and historic scenes of the world that are forever changing.

The photographic image has always interested me in terms of how the perspectives of an image change by viewing the same object in different ways and through various lenses. The definition of an image never stays the same. The play of depth of field, relative degree of focus are other factors are challenging when making a successful composition. The use of perspective, line, light, and shadow of an image or scene can be transformed into something ethereal, and spiritual. The juxtaposition of images and the varied perspectives often have a narrative element with a surreal energy. My goal is to create a tension and curiosity in the relationship of the images. This tension is meant to encourage one to evaluate one’s point of view, so one can grow.

In photography the selective method is paramount. The subtractive method is used to record images of our world, where in painting images are added. The use of negative space is as important in my design as the visual elements. There is a unique relationship between the image and the negative space. I love how quickly an image is created in photography. I can create five concepts in the medium of photo-based art, in the amount of time it takes to create one painting. Beginning as a painter, I always created surrealistic genres from my mind from subjects in the studio. So when I began in photography, I was fascinated with manipulating images at the start. Because of the handwork, painting with light, bleach and paint each ‘photographic painting’ as I term my work, is one of a kind.

Each work is a combination of the relationship of at least two images with textures and color. The mysterious relationships of the images create a curiosity, taking one to another place in time. I am always in search of a fresh new meaning even in mundane subjects. The images are left in black and white as in the dream process, and color is often added usually in the negative areas, as an emotional effect. I call each work a 'visual symphony' where each image is interesting in itself but the relationship of the images creates the real statement. "The otherness” is what I call the feeling when one dreams and one cannot touch or feel but is left with an often-indescribable mood. This indefinable, ephemeral mood is what I seek to express. Carl Jung contends,”…dreams although a movement backwards in thoughts affects one in real life progression.” Each ‘photographic painting’ I create represents a poetic interpretation of the dream state, the inexplicable abstract emotion or thought of the subconscious. Awakening, one is left with a feeling or mood that is often ambiguous and indefinable. The subject matter often changes, but this dream feeling- a soft, peaceful, floating energy and a sense of movement is always prevalent in my work.

Subject matter usually deals with the human physical and psychological issues of growth and change, ecological or social issues, usually with an optimistic slant.

Sometimes I write poetry, which inspires me to create a piece, and sometimes it happens in the reverse. Creating art and writing poetry about the concept of the particular work, has always been my best avenue of expression. When I read a poem that relates to one of my works, a phrase speaks a thousand words, and the viewer decides what it means. When I lecture, I prefer to read my poetry to explain the ideas and concepts in my artwork.

The ultimate goal is an inspiring message of peace, that exudes healing energy for the viewer, as well as for myself.


Loren with "Mental Separations" in her studio in Hell's Kitchen NYC

Loren with "Mental Separations" in her studio in Hell's Kitchen NYC

"Between Two Extremes" Loren in her studio midtown Manhattan 

"Between Two Extremes" Loren in her studio midtown Manhattan 

The Process

My favorite color is yellow. To me, yellow symbolizes growth, and energy. It is a difficult color to use, but I try to use it whenever possible. Other common colors in my work are purple, rose, burnt orange, teal blue, and mostly muted colors. I paint with water base color, which can be very saturated, imbued, opaque or pastel. It can be spattered on or painted creating an airbrushed feeling.

I spend hours in the darkroom, exposing the white fragile fiber paper, seeing the images only in my mind. I draw a very primitive pencil sketch as a blueprint. Ironically, the procedure is somewhat like abstract painting because the images are not totally predictable. In the next step, a clear liquid covers the paper, images begin appearing like magic! The images appear within seconds, like a beautiful mystery that never ceases to fascinate me. Each piece is hand printed and painted and is one of a kind, created in a unique series. It is impossible to do an edition, because each piece has handwork. The work on this web site has no computer use. The scale of my works range from 5” x 7” to 40” x 65”. The pieces are often created in a unique series of no more than four to six variations in the larger sizes and only two in the mural size. The final art is on fiber archival photographic paper. I paint with light in the darkroom, often adding visual textures with textured cloth, photograms and light. After the work is washed and dried, I sometimes paint with inks and draw with pencil. I term my work ‘photographic painting’ because of the handwork, painting with light, drawing and painting.

Loren on a walk 10 min to MoMA from her studio in Hell's Kitchen NYC where she sits in the Sculpture Garden and writes poetry.

Loren on a walk 10 min to MoMA from her studio in Hell's Kitchen NYC where she sits in the Sculpture Garden and writes poetry.

A Few Poems by Loren

Laws of Attraction-Love  

Laws of attraction-love

So mysterious

Is it addition or subtraction?

Maybe both

We don’t see energy

Can we see growth?

Just go by trust

Take an oath

Positive and negative, equal thrust.


A must animal energy

In the form of a dove?

With total synergy

Comes to us in infinite forms.

Any form is fine.

Creating new thought

And there is no crime!

A positive feeling caught!

New emotions emerge

As life goes on

Forever with a surge

Of light


Beyond our mental site.

Feelings evoking attraction

Let it flow

Fast or slow

No matter, the same

Law of attraction.

Nothing to explain

Infinite in tranquility

True peace

Forever with stability

Surpassing nobility.

Ultimately, one blended form

No prejudice storms.

Physics swarms

Life stories in infinite scales.

Beautiful universe in abundance

The Star prevails.       

The Otherness 

A mysterious stone in the path of life?

A lost love?

It’s all a shoot of the dice.

Think positive- move like a dove.

Choose your device.

Don’t be a mice.

Stay strong and true.

Believe in yourself.

Look up to the infinite sky of blue.

A missing stone in the path of creativity?

No, a spark in the dark.

What I seek to discover when making my art.

The otherness.

The process is stronger than the product.

Because nothing is incomplete.

So melodic.

Life is a continuum . On and on.

Forever. when our spirits leave

Our bodies. Gone.

Always changing forms.

The otherness is really here.

Beautiful flowingenergy around and through us all.

Art- inspire us to heal.

The universe is near.

Abundance around us to discover

Take your time and recover

From life’s struggles here.

Make them challenges.

Positive energy will show the way

Make you strong.

Clarity- like skating on ice.

Gracefully gliding on frozen water.

We all eventually flow to a new form of order.

Fresh energy- store.

The otherness, continues

Amorphous forever more.

Create art – a moment of spiritual expression.


It will take us to the core.


Never bored.

Always to explore.

Aesthetic Seeking

From my book“Photographs and Thoughts”

Search, seek until you find;

Then look some more

Follow the core

For more to explore.

New ideas, new themes

To become

To see

To free oneself

To another plane

To another perspective of the world.

To another perspective of self.

Photographic Art

From my book“Photographs and Thoughts”


Press the button

Release the shutter.

Hear the click?

The light found its niche.

And closed the door

To make a form

A latent image

If it’s not unusual,

It could be up for scrimmage.

To take a photograph

All you have to do is see.

But it must also please.

What is in the viewfinder?

Is not as essential

As what is mental.

For selection is elimination

One cannot forget negative space.

And the lenses that place.

The importance is the subtractive method.

Photography, based on chemistry;

Yet the soul, represented by imagery,

Has a life of it’s own.

Just as we are flesh machines,

But don’t all eat saltines.

Photography as art,

Is at its start.


From my book“Photographs and Thoughts”

Sincerity is the secret key

To open the path

To the contented sea.

But to be sincere

One must have strength

In one’s career.

To face the hypocrisy

And conspiracies.

Lift above this strong pull

Let the soul

Discover the goal.

Live with one face, one conviction

As Christ did at crucifixion.

See the many faces in the crowd

And stand proud.

For with one true identity

One finds true sincerity.

And the vast mysteries of the sea of society

Becomes a refuge for variety.

To the one with sincerity.


An illusive idea.

A relative term.

Work out until you’re firm.


Change environments.

See new things

Meet new people

A postive or negative, rewarding or draining experience.

Does not matter.

In time life is always fatter.

Sailing escape or routine?

Balance routine and change.

Routine-build consistency of a plan

Change-element of spontaneity and food for ideas.

Psychological escape.

The ultimate goal

The book must not fold

A state of mind

There are namy signs.

Tactile or sensing

Seeing then thinking

Worry- let go

Striving verses fate

Lots of seeds to sow.

Taste the cake.

Is it baked?

You decide.


Don’t be extreme

You don’t need a lot of cream.

Have a piece or two.

From year to year can vary.

Inquire or assume.

Don’t hurry.

Neither right or wrong.

Just keep singing a song.

It won’t be long.

Balance leisure time and deadlines.

Active minds.

True escape.


Look to the left then to the right.

Is there anything in sight?

Maybe a kite.

Then to the right again.

Now it’s out of sight.

Do the lines converge with the view?

Perhaps I missed the cue.

Or only bars.

Up and down.

Hear the noise of many cars.

Are we safe in our cage?

Or do we want to escape?

Full of rage.

Over the bridge

Free, in our mind

It basically lies.

Some want it, some don’t want to think about it.

Maybe to a small degree


I hear a plea.

Inside or out?

Of ourselves

You don’t hve a shout

Thinking is exhausting enough.

Let’s talk about other stuff.


For heaven’s sake.

Cannot fly

What to make


See the sky?

Say goodbye

No space for growth

He didn’t say we had to take an oath

Peaceful n a way.

No decisions, they say.

Ecology-The Human Element

The only animal that creates his world around death.

The only animal that has the power to destroy earth.

Man is only a component,

Yet he acts god-like.

He doesn’t feel. Wrapped up in one perspective.

He can build concrete structures.

Change water directions,

Control air temperature.

Use fire to live in cold weather.

Water, air, fire.

Elements of life.

Working in a gentle balance,

A precarious one.

It should not be,

Human Greed.

Take, take, and take.

For superficial comforts

That last a short time.

It takes a long time to replenish the earth.

Do we have time?

We don’t think about it.

Leave it to the next generation.

Shove it under the rug.

Take a shower for an hour.

Use Freon for climate control,

Loosing the ozone,


Tear down the trees for buildings and roads that are not used.

Reckless barges with oil.

The human element.

Cannot be separated from the other elements

Or he will die.

Man, only an ingredient in the polluted soup.

The only animal that creates his world around death.

Web of Life

Mankind at the top of the pyramid.

Algae, paramecium, insect, larvae,

Crayfish larvae, minnows, basses, man.

Following the flow of life.

Creating a rhythm, a pattern.

Man at the top of the chain

He is to blame.

Wanting all this fame;

Saving the earth?

It need not be saved

If it weren’t for mankind.

He should be eaten on the chain.

Consumed as he consumes’

The pollution would be gone.

Perhaps a better variation of Homo sapiens created

One that gives instead of takes.

We create all these fakes;

CFC’s and radioactive wastes.

In such haste

No place to stash

This trash

Man causes strife;

He doesn’t not fit in the web of life.

September. 11th, 2001

A friend called and woke me

The WTC hit.

A plane into it.

Immediately I felt, Terrorism.

And that the building would melt.

I was alone that morning.

I felt depressed, not frightened.

Time seemed to freeze.

An invasion of our homeland.

Brought us to our knees.

I knew it was inevitable. We don’t live in a vacuum.

My first thought.

Then, was anger.

People can be so horrible.

It’s all a power game.

Nothing changes just the name.

There are no rules.

Do we ever listen to the cues?

Life in NYC After 9/11

Always a fast pace.

Yet just a moment in time.

The world stood still.

Before that day, all was sublime.

Suddenly, a struggle uphill.

NYC, a dynamic rhythm of life,

Electric, unique.

An energy that attracts the world.

They love us and hate us.


Symbol of world commerce. 

Or, pompous Americans?

We are infallible.

Nothing can hurt us.

Then, in just a moment in time,

Our guard was down.

Before all was sublime.

No more ivory towers.

Skyline changed forever

Memorials filled with flowers.

Now we see the ground

Life will never have the same sound.

Lift your head and breath.

God Bless America and the World.


Radioactive Waste

Four million variations of life,

Four million ways of staying alive.

Is this enough variation?

Five thousand species of sponge

To soak up all of the radioactive waste?

But no one can live by radiation.

Uranium is part of the earth.

So it should be okay?

Combined with heat and steam,

It becomes extreme.

And must be contained.

Man is to blame.

Chornobyl-perhaps one man who fell asleep.

This accident they say is once in ten thousand years.

We. for only three hundred years

The Ukrainian land is contaminated.

Every year, more people and less land.

Non-polluted land.

All the laws working fast enough to ban

Nuclear use?

The nuclear power-a “non-pollutant” when contained,

Continued to be needed

With population growth.

Radioactive waste,

Shove it under the rug in haste.

Talk about it tomorrow.

Who cares about the waste?

Another explosion, meltdown

Will curb overpopulation.

With mutant births and cancer

It is inevitable.

Nowhere left to dump it,

Nowhere to sell it.

This world is a sphere.

The waste cannot disappear.

The growth of radioactive waste

Controls overpopulation,

We know it

And we keep its growth.

Out of control?

Back to coal?

Developing countries source.